November 10 Special Debate Woking MP Jonathan 
Lord is put on the 
spot over Brexit Our special debate on Saturday, November 10. Jonathan Lord told the audience that he had never been an ardent Leave enthusiast before the referendum and both his parents had voted to stay in the Common Market in 1975, when he was 12. He had voted against a referendum on European Union membership several times in the past but decided to support David Cameron when he called the 2016 vote. He voted Leave, as he feared the UK was losing its sovereignty as the EU moved towards a federal United States of Europe. He defended his decision to support the Leave camp, which was in the face of Woking people voting 56% Remain, 44% Leave. Mr Lord said a second referendum, on the UK's exit deal, would be almost impossible to arrange. There was not enough time to pass the legislation required for a People's Vote. He added that a second referendum would be even more divisive than the first and split the country even more. The people had been told by the party leaders that they had made the decision to leave the EU, so a second vote would be very problematical. There was no guarantee that the decision would be different, as various opinion polls showed different outcomes depending on the questions asked. Mr Lord answered questions from the 40-plus people who were present at the debate and there was a lively discussion on the benefits and disadvantages of EU membership. ABOVE: Woking MP Jonathan Lord with meeting chairman Ed Broomfield. BELOW: Members of the audience have the say.